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How Captions Changed the Movies I Watched

Always use captions!!

So basically... I never watch a movie without captions because as you'll embarrassingly discover, I'm never watching the same movie that you are when captions aren't there. It doesn't matter if it's a movie, a short film or a video clip - there must be captions! You will never see me watch something now without captions whether it's at home, in the classroom or at the movie theaters.

  1. Lion King: Did you know that Mufasa died, and that Scar killed him because he wanted to rule the land. And Scar wasn't sorry he killed Mufasa - it was intentional? That moment where Scar let go of Mufasa as he was hanging over the cliff - that moment was intentional! Seriously?! What movie was I watching?!

  2. The Little Mermaid: Did you know Ariel made a deal with Ursula to go onto land and have legs?! I actually watched this movie as a kid and thought Ariel just grew legs somehow and went onto land and fell in love, no stings attached. Wow, I thought Disney movies were easy.

  3. Harry Potter: Hold up -- You mean Voldemort and Harry Potter have a connection?! And all along Voldemort was trying to kill Harry in order to gain strength and become a whole person? I really thought Harry Potter was just this cool orphaned wizard who just happened to be fighting against Voldemort and his force. Suddenly the plot line for this series seems much more developed and the progression of movies makes a lot more sense... hmmmm.

  4. Aladdin: I thought Aladdin was actually the character he acted as most the movie - you mean to tell me he was faking who he was to deceive people?? And Aladdin was doing everything to protect Jasmine while Jafar was trying to take over Agrabah in place of the Sultan?! I thought Jafar was just... evil? Aren't people evil in Disney movies with no purpose or intention? I don't even know what to say about this movie. I watched it again at 18 years old and was way too shocked, and am too shocked to form words.

  5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: I never realized that the whole premise of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was for Willy Wonka to find a child he could pass his factory onto. I genuinely thought that each of the children just had seriously unfortunate incidents in the factory. And when Charlie was the last child left, I thought Willy Wonka was so surprised and awe struck with Charlie's ability to survive the factory chaos and temptations, that he in that very moment thought up with the idea to give Charlie his factory.

Yeah, I'll just leave this here for you... I'm still re-watching many of my childhood movies, or maybe I'm watching them for the first time, I'm not really sure anymore!! If you couldn't understand why captions are a necessity for me, I hope you can understand that now. It's not that I can't hear or understand the words being said in the movie, it's that it takes so much work to be able to. Trying really hard to hear, understand, and process each word in a movie while following along to the visual component is a hard task, especially when doing so for an hour and a half, or longer! And a lot of times watching movies is a social event, so you also have the distraction of others talking, yet another thing you are competing over. Although I will say, turning on captions eliminated me as the distracting movie talker! Before I started using captions I would sit there and ask my family a question every couple minutes - What's that? Who is that? What happened? Where are they going? What's the characters name? Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? With captions I'm able to independently watch a movie and not rely on those with me to narrate the whole movie as we are watching it! A blessing for me, and maybe even more so for the family and friends who sat through these movies with me!

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