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Welcome to Hearing Through Silence

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Hearing Through Silence

I decided that I wanted to combine everything I wish there was into one website. A forum, a blog, and resources with education. After meeting with so many individuals and sharing my story to a variety of people in different phases and stages within their hearing loss journey, I grew to see the potential value within a blog.

There are many aspects of life for those with a hearing loss. Some things cause you to think twice about what you're going to do next while your hearing peers next to you may be able to jump in with two feet and no precautionary thinking. This can make for some daunting situations... restaurants, going out to the movies, or even pool parties just to name a few. Each person may have their own solutions for these situations in alleviating some of the struggles. But for many, they are still at a point in trying to figure out a solution requiring trial and error on their part until a solution is found. One of my hopes in making this site is that we can come together as a community and help each other find potential solutions so we can all better enjoy life with hearing loss.

This is not a journey in life anyone has to go through alone nor should you, even if you feel like you're doing alright. We are all a community of individuals who share this commonality that links us together. Individually, we can do alright, but together we have the opportunity to build a community with so much strength and potential!

This is a place for everyone to utilize, whether you have a hearing loss yourself of any degree, are a family member, or even a friend! Everyone is welcome, and please, help us to build up the support!

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