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Personal Articles on HearingLikeMe

As a member of the Phonak Teen Advisory Board, I thoroughly enjoy being able to write articles for HearingLikeMe. All these articles are about me and my personal experiences through my hearing journey! Click on the article name to read more! 

Articles will be added as they are published!

Personal Videos on my Experience

All videos are made by myself and all on my personal experiences. Some videos are based on my experience with certain technology while others are on my general experience as a deaf individual. I am not promoting any device or company here. All videos captioned!

  • YouTube

This videos mentions my experience using the CROS system for the first time. Sharing my experience essentially hearing for the first time out of two ears. This video was taken just four days after using the CROS and entails my initial discoveries and love for this device!

  • YouTube

Created with the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACDHH), in this video I talk about why I prioritize my involvement through leadership positions in the deaf/hard of hearing community. Not only do I volunteer for these positions because it's something I believe in, but because it's something I love doing!

Videos will be added as they are published!

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