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The four resources listed below are created by myself using my personal experience through my own hearing journey these last 18 years. Feel free to use resources as needed!

Image by Sergey Zolkin
Letter to Professionals

A letter personally written addressed to school professionals we may interact with when troubleshooting technology. This letter outlines tips that make communication and understanding easier for everyone involved and is written from the perspective

of my experience in K-12 schools.

Image by Angelina Litvin
Transition to Mainstream

This document explains my transition from an oral school for the deaf to a mainstream school. I switched to a mainstream school for Pre-K and had previously been in an oral school for 3.5 years. I had to learn how to educate

my classmates on my


Image by Patrick Perkins

Includes a list of some (not all) common accommodations while in school and explains the purpose of their use. Every accommodation has a meaning behind it, some are more obvious than others, however they all serve an intended purpose. Keep in mind that accommodations used one year may not be used for all years of school!

Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya
Additional Resources

Includes a basic list of additional resources that already exist and may be utilized. These resources range from financial aid support to local support chapters as well as company resources.

*These resources are not exclusive or biased to any one company or organization*

Resources made available by Phonak and Advanced Bionics

Each company does offer other resources beyond what is listed, these can be found on their websites. 

Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics provides a variety of resources for toddlers, students, and adults of all ages. Some resources may be therapy and listening practice tools while others are geared towards becoming familiar with your Advanced Bionics cochlear implant.  


Among other resources, Phonak has unique resources for teens which were created by the first Phonak Teen Advisory Board, a group of teens who came together to raise awareness on teen hearing loss. These resources revolve around the teen years covering topics such as accommodations, college scholarships, and alarm clocks. 

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